Strategic Plan 2021-2023


Increase identification of human trafficking victims        

Continue to serve survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, and identify victims through validated screening tools

Expand outreach to potential victims         

Increase frequency of outreach to potential victims, deepen relationships with potential victims, and expand into new outreach modalities, including online

Our work


Build engagement with survivors    

Build out services and support for survivors throughout the stages of change, grow capacity through strengthened volunteer base, and increase survivors accessing services

Expand services to support survivors’ multidimensional wellbeing

Expand services through growth and partnership to address survivors’ multidimensional wellbeing, including spiritual, mental, physical, and economic, and share the Gospel with survivors

Cultivate strategic partnerships      

Build collaborative partnerships with nonprofits, government, corporations, and other organizations to connect survivors with comprehensive services and advance the anti-trafficking movement


Educate and engage churches, businesses, and the community   

Educate the community on human trafficking and the survivor experience through awareness presentations, business outreach, and client-informed educational resources, and establish a structured approach for deepening engagement and action

Mobilize a thriving community of volunteers and ambassadors  

Grow our volunteer community, deepen engagement, and expand volunteer opportunities to better utilize skills and interests

Attract and deepen relationships with donors

Cultivate relationships with existing donors, plan effective and meaningful events, and improve marketing and digital/social media strategies to increase brand recognition and attract new donors

Cultivate a strong Board of Directors and Advisory Council       

Strengthen Board recruitment and development, and improve engagement with the Advisory Council


Develop data, analytics, and reporting capabilities           

Establish organizational foundation for data management, grow capabilities in analytics and data-driven decision making, and explore opportunities to contribute to research

Enhance survivor-centered, evidenced-based approach and advocacy

Continuously examine our practices against the latest research and the voices of survivors to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services, implement evidence-based models and tools, and cultivate a culture of advocacy for survivors

Improve cultural competency         

Establish a committee to develop and implement a cultural diversity and inclusion strategy for service provision, workforce practices, board development, and community partnerships

Foster learning, growth, and innovation

Invest in employee learning and development, foster collaboration and open communication, and create space for bold thinking and continuous improvement


Grow and diversify revenue

Pursue diverse revenue streams, including individual donors, foundations, corporations, government, and multi-year commitments, to fuel sustainable growth

Manage finances strategically, efficiently, and transparently

Develop and manage budget effectively, invest in strategic priorities, identify opportunities for cost-efficiency, and plan for near-term and long-term financial health

Strengthen organizational systems and processes 

Invest in strengthening finance, HR, IT, legal, and other functions to ensure compliance, align with best practices, and support scalable growth and program effectiveness

Cultivate a healthy culture fueled by the love of Christ    

Cultivate a culture that keeps Christ at the center, prioritizes employee wellbeing and engagement, and drives the impact and sustainability of our mission

Grow impact throughout Houston 

Grow youth advocacy services throughout the Greater Houston area, and explore opportunities for expansion and growth, including a second Houston facility

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